St-Hubert, is it for you?



Find out if you are made for St-Hubert
and if St-Hubert is made for you. 

If you answer yes to all these questions, we want to get to know you.
We are constantly looking for skilled and passionate people who want
to join our network of more than a hundred franchisees and who want
​to get involved in a local company.


Question 1

Are you passionate about customer service?

At St-Hubert, our franchisees are driven by genuine passion
for customers and do whatever it takes to ensure our customers
a flawless experience.

Question 2

Do you have experience in the restaurant business? 

At St-Hubert, our franchisees’ work experience is taken
into account and contributes to the company’s know-how
which we are proud of.

Question 3

Do you have a head
for business?

La bosse des affaires


In addition to being effective in the kitchen and dining room, our franchisees are also business men and women par excellence.

Question 4

Do you share
​the St-Hubert values?

At St-Hubert, pleasure and passion meet with integrity and rigor on a daily basis. Being a St-Hubert franchisee means staying authentic and work tirelessly in building a united team where colleagues respect each other. 

Being a St-Hubert franchisee is also using your creativity to renew and innovate. 


Question 5

Can you secure your own financing?

We ask each of our franchisees to get involved in a franchise project by investing both time and money. Getting a St-Hubert franchise requires a serious investment. Candidates must also submit a complete financial analysis and a viable business plan.


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