Opening process

We get you ready for the big day.

The training process includes 15 steps designed to ensure that our franchisees are prepared for the big day and successfully run their St-Hubert franchise.  From the 14th week until your St-Hubert franchise’s official opening, countdown begins. Find out the steps. 



  1. Week 14: Greeting and Exploring Kitchen Tasks; Hygiene and Safety.

    Get familiar with the training plan as well as hygiene and safety standards in the restaurant business, and exploring various positions required for the proper operation of your rotisserie.

  1. Week 13: Exploring Kitchen Tasks

    Review all positions to be filled to ensure the proper functioning of a kitchen at St-Hubert.

  1. Week 12: Exploring Dining Room Tasks

    Review all positions to be filled in a St-Hubert dining room.

  1. Week 11: Managing Kitchen and Peak Periods

    Inventory of tasks related to various key moments of a typical day in a St-Hubert rotisserie.

  1. Week 10: Dining Room, Counter and Delivery

    Know how to properly manage these three sectors according to different peak periods of the day.

  1. Week 9: Sales Sectors – Opening Countdown

    Know how to control different sales sectors; countdown for the rotisserie opening begins.

  1. Week 8: Running a Restaurant – Opening Countdown

    Review tasks and tools related to the manager position for a St-Hubert franchise and continue preparations related to your restaurant’s upcoming opening.

  1. Week 7: Restaurant Operations – Opening Countdown

    Administrative segment for the Restaurant Manager position and training your future employees.

  1. Week 6: Visit of the Head Office and Affiliates – Opening Countdown

    Visit the Rôtisseries St-Hubert Head Office as well as its Call Center and its affiliated companies, Meilleures Marques and Maître Saladier.

  1. Week 5: Service and Customer Experience, St-Hubert University

    Understand the customer experience at St-Hubert and complete training on customer service.

  1. Week 4: Hiring

    Organize a massive hiring session to complete your team.

  1. Week 3: Hiring and Training

    Continue hiring process and training the members of team for the opening.

  1. Week 2: Team Training – Opening Countdown

    Organize last minute tasks and review your work tools.

  1. Week 1: Team Training – Opening Countdown

    Supply the rotisserie, final checks and continue your team’s training.

  1. Week 0: Grand Opening

    With support from the Marketing team, prepare the opening night; final preparations before launching your rotisserie.